Hovermap – our award winning product

What is Hovermap?

Hovermap is a 3D LiDAR-mapping and autonomy payload for industrial drones.

With a unique two-in-one plug-and-play payload, it provides advanced mapping and autonomy for industrial drones.

With no GPS required for mapping, it is able to fly indoors, outdoors and underground.

Packed with SLAM-based 3D mapping, collision avoidance and autonomy, this light-weight payload integrates seamlessly with the most advanced drone platforms.

Hovermap has a spherical field of view, allowing it to map and avoid collisions below, above and all around. Suitable for night-time or low-light mapping, collision avoidance keeps the drone safe while flying close to structures to inspect and map them.

What problem does it solve?

Hovermap enables drones to fly and map underground, indoor and outdoor GPS-denied environments, without the need to send people into potentially hazardous areas.

Without a human controller, Hovermap collects quality data that unlocks insights to improve operational efficiency and safety.

Mapping underground mines, quarries, bridges, telecommunication towers and indoor environments is now easy with Hovermap.

What is Hovermap’s differential?

With a streamlined user experience, the workflow can be easily followed by even inexperienced operators. Just fly and capture, download the raw data, load the processing software and it is done.

With processing time just 2 times that of capture time, you are armed with powerful mapping and inspection data to plan maintenance of natural and engineered structures, conduct rescue missions, make volumetric estimations and much more.

Hovermap offers considerable advantages in relation to traditional underground mapping methods.

It is faster, more affordable, offers better data coverage and density, apart from being safer to operate. It is already being used commercially for a variety of applications by early adopters in Australia, the US, Canada, China and Japan.

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