Guardian angels: How drones make mining safer

Guardian angels: How drones make mining safer

Emesent’s CEO Dr Stefan Hrabar was interviewed by Australian Mining Safe to Work about how drones increase safety in mining operations.

“[…] for underground there are areas where the unsupported ground might be unstable and you just don’t want to send people into those areas, so having a drone that can go in and capture data — whether it’s capturing images or generating LiDAR maps like we do — keeps people out of those areas.”

Hovermap provides a direct safety benefit by keeping miners out of dangerous locations, but it also provides indirect benefits.

Data collected by the system provide mining operations with an improved understanding of geological structures in the rock, including breaks or other weaknesses in the strata that could be identified as no-go areas.

This concept extends to areas where people have become trapped; as Hrabar explains, “sending in a drone for search and rescue is definitely a good usecase”.

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