Hovermap tours the mines of Western Australia

Hovermap tours the mines of Western Australia

Emesent recently conducted a series of roadshows to demonstrate Hovermap’s capabilities at a number of interested mine sites. First up was Western Australia’s Goldfields region, demonstrating Hovermap to mines in Kambalda, Kalgoorlie and Leonora. Three mine sites were visited over four days, and a range of flights were conducted underground into stopes and along drives. Surface flights were also performed to map ROMs, stockpiles, plant infrastructure and environmental rehabilitation areas.

Emesent team members

Hovermap allows for the rapid collection of “digital twin data” even in challenging underground environments and is uniquely suited for these applications with its autonomous beyond line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight and point cloud mapping capabilities.

Hovermap equipped drone about to enter a stope

“There is increasing demand for these industries to digitise and remotely inspect their assets but access to hazardous areas and the lack of GPS has been a limiting factor until now. Hovermap’s unique capabilities are helping to overcome these hurdles,” says Dr Hrabar, CEO and Co-Founder of Emesent. 

The emphasis for this trip was to demonstrate the scanning of stopes which cannot be scanned using conventional methods, either due to hazardous conditions, or because of access limitations.

The demonstrations were very successful and surveyors on site were able to access complete stope scans without any shadowing for the first time. The geotechnical engineers were able to inspect the condition of the pillars and the mine managers recognised the fact that no personnel were required to work near open stope brows. Other benefits shown were the speed at which the data is collected and how more accurate stope volume measurements can be made. 

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