Emesent Hovermap ST wins Good Design Award Gold

Emesent is honored to be awarded a Good Design Award Gold for the Hovermap ST in the 2022 Good Design Australia Awards.

“We’re so proud that the design of Hovermap ST has surpassed the evaluation criteria to achieve the Gold Award,” said Emesent CEO and Cofounder Dr Stefan Hrabar.

“And we’re excited to be providing our customers with a new, robust, and reliable autonomous mapping tool for challenging environments.”

Ben Wilson, Senior Mechatronics Engineer, and Stefan Hrabar, CEO and Cofounder, with the Good Design Award Gold and the award winning Hovermap ST.

The Australian Good Design Awards evaluates projects based on good design, design innovation, and design impact with specific criteria for each category. It is judged by a panel of renowned design experts from Australia and around the world.

Launched in early 2022, Hovermap ST was designed from the ground up in partnership with Ingenuity Design Group. The aim was to develop a tough, lightweight autonomy and mapping solution that could be used in harsh environments mounted to a drone, backpack, vehicle, ground robot, or used as a handheld scanner.

This was ultimately achieved with a unique and innovative design coupled with Emesent’s proprietary software. The ruggedized, IP65 certified body and actively cooled heatsink protect the internals from extreme temperature, dust, and rain. The plug and play design and quick-release mechanism allow easy switching between aerial and ground-based scanning. The reduced weight makes handheld scanning easier and provides longer flight times when used on a drone. An expansion port is included to expand the capability with accessories.

This combination means Hovermap ST can safely and easily collect data in a variety of ways and environments. It can be used to explore and map previously inaccessible areas, beyond line of sight and communication range – even in GPS-denied areas.