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Emesent’s Hovermap Mining Program provides early access to our advanced drone autonomy and mapping capabilities for underground mining applications. The subscription-based program provides selected participants with a complete solution including a Hovermap-1H payload and suitable drone platform.

The program also includes training, support, maintenance and software updates. Participants have access to new capabilities as they are developed and are able to shape the development of the solution to ensure it meets their needs for challenging underground mining applications.

Hovermap - our award winning drone autonomy technology

Hovermap offers revolutionary efficiency, safety and operational insights to challenging above ground, underground and GPS-denied environments.

Drones installed with Hovermap can be deployed in challenging and GPS-denied environments without a human controller, to collect quality data to unlock new insights to improve operational efficiency, safety and insights.

Hovermap offers considerable advantages in relation to traditional underground mapping methods. It is faster, more affordable, offers better data coverage and density, apart from being safer to operate.

GPS-denied flight

Allows flying indoors, underground or under bridges.

SLAM-based 3D mapping

Unique two-in-one plug-and-play payload provides mapping and autonomy for industrial drones.

Collision avoidance and autonomy

Spherical Field of View to map and avoid collisions below, above and all around.


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Selected participants will receive a complete solution including a Hovermap-1H payload, a suitable drone platform, training, support, maintenance and software updates.